During the time of implementation of the LEAP project (September 2017 – December 2020) the 3 following outputs will be delivered:

The LEAP E-Portfolio

A flexible, but structured tool designed to facilitate the collaborative interaction between learners and teacher/trainers and between teacher/trainers and moderators; and to promote learner independence, the use of differentiated learner support, learning and assessment.
User Guides:
Local Administrator

The LEAP E-Portfolio and Good Practice Handbook

A series of training curricula and VET courses that will make use of the LEAP E-Portfolio. The Handbook will enable the lessons and experience of partners, teacher/trainers and learners to be transferred to other stakeholders interested in exploiting the use of digital open badges within an E-Portfolio such as LEAP.
Good practice guide
Case Studies UK

Policy Report: Taking the LEAP

The policy report will present the argument for the use of a learner-centred pedagogical process model incorporating open digital badges within E-Portfolios in the delivery of VET courses and how it can support and complement other approaches to VET delivery (e.g. blended learning, use of VLEs, the flipped classroom and traditional classroom based activities).
Policy Paper .
Project Plan
Target Groups

The LEAP project intends to create a ‘step change’ in the use of E-Portfolios as process-based pedagogical tool to improve learner and VET provider performance. It will exploit Digital Badges including open digital badges to create an engaging learning process leading to improved performance by learners and teacher/trainers. Read more...

During the time of implementation of the LEAP project (September 2017 – August 2020) the 3 following outputs will be deliveredRead more...

Teachers/trainers employed by partners and those working for other Vocational Education and Training VET/ Further Education (FE)/HE centres or working independently. Learners will be either students in part and time education (aged 18+) and adults in employment or self-employed. Read more...


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